As many of you know I enjoy bouncing around new thoughts and ideas with the community. It’s something I’ve always been very passionate about, and something I try to leverage as a tool for innovation, and to remain close to those I’ve dedicated my life building new technology for — all of you.

Sometimes these ideas relate to things I’m actively working on, but often times they do not, and sometimes are simply ancillary to the product development process of my core focuses.

Over the past year has grown rapidly and one unfortunate reality of this growth is that it’s hard for me to brainstorm with the community the way I have in the past without occasional unintended consequences.

It’s important for me to emphasize that I wake up everyday excited to lead the engineering team, which has now grown to nearly 100 engineers, and continues to expand rapidly. As we prepare to release the next layer of infrastructure for developers and consumers to leverage Blockchain capabilities with EOSIO, our focus and dedication as a team can only be described as “all in”.

EOSIO has been designed to provide an open platform for innovation, and has been enabled through the process of isolating the common needs of decentralized applications I’ve built over the last six years.

Despite occasional criticism for being involved with several projects since the advent of Blockchain technology, it is this experience that has led to delivering the most performant, and now most adopted blockchain software: EOSIO. Unlike the previous application specific blockchains of my past, EOSIO is a foundational platform for my future endeavors.

Personally, has become a vehicle for me to deliver a different magnitude of innovation and execution than I’ve been able to in the past, and the goal of preparing EOSIO for mainstream enterprise and consumer adoption remains paramount to both the organization and myself.

This said, I’m still led by curiosity into other types of interesting inventions in the course of R&D initiatives; I believe these sidesteps of thought are byproducts of an effective iterative development process when working towards delivering new revolutionary products and capabilities.

I will always be passionate about sharing my thoughts about future possibilities with the community, but it should not change anyone’s thoughts on my faith and commitment to EOSIO,, and the EOS community.

This journey is just the beginning for us, and I’m thankful for the opportunities we’ve managed to create thus far, but am even more excited for what comes next.

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