Consolidation of my Blogs

I have been blogging for over seven years and spread my content over a half dozen different platforms. The problem is that many people have no idea where they can find all of my content. What is worse, if someone stumbles upon some of my old content they are unlikely to find my more recent thoughts. To remedy this problem, I have aggregated my blog posts going back to 2014 into my new blog website: from, dan@steemit, dantheman@steemit,, and is now available on: More Equal Animals.

I hope to build out a database of content that is easy to navigate and cross reference and then hopefully bring the best features back to voice so everyone can have a powerful blogging platform that they own.

I want to build a following that no single corporation can take away in an instant. I want to know if my content is being shadow banned. I want a decentralized way of reaching my followers, and email is the most decentralized and universally adopted platform I can think of; so please subscribe to my mailing list so that no one can come between us as we pursue freedom together.

Read more on consolidating my blogs at

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